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Your Performance Highway

DAMOWI Performance Marketing is the fastest and most direct way to new customers. The only thing that matters here is success – and you only pay for the achievement of your objectives in terms of leads, orders and new customers.

As an online sales and dialogue specialist, we offer a full range of performance marketing services. We’re excited to discover what you need and how we can help.

Win customers

How can you win new customers and increase sales figures with minimal risk and losses? We can show you exactly how to do this for a fixed cost per customer (CpC) and with integration into your existing customer loyalty system.

Keep customers

How can you convert one-off customers into regular customers and users and form a solid customer relationship? We can show you how to achieve this with a fixed cost per order (CpO).

Convert prospects

How can you please a prospect so much they become a client? We can put together a business case to show you how you can achieve your goals for a specific cost per customer/order, and with minimal risk to you.

The DAMOWI Partner Network:
The digital impact of our acquisition services –
unrivalled coverage across the whole of Germany.


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The maximum coverage is based on all German internet users active on over 1,200 premium websites every month.


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The maximum coverage is based on all email addresses with a double opt-in available on the market.


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The maximum coverage of all internet-enabled mobile end devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Experience the lead-generating, sales-closing, customer-binding superpower of the DAMOWI partner network for yourself.


The Performance Factory

The full-service portfolio: Our competence in all matters performance is built on solid, long-lasting foundations. Our customers benefit from excellent efficiency, productive synergies and the justified confidence that our years of experience and honed expertise will get them the results they want.

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Customer generation is really simple – for our customers, at least. Provide us with your brief and let us know what it is you want to achieve. We’ll then calculate a business case with specific costs per customer/order to help you decide how best to proceed.

We’ll take care of everything else – that’s how simple ‘simple’ really is.

Our approach is based on pure performance: the real benefit to the customer, calculated based on the number of new orders or leads.

The quality is of course very important. With this in mind, we provide strong support throughout the acquisition process with conversion, upgrade and loyalty strategies that also take the customer lifetime value into account.

We’re happy to provide you with the evidence. Try us today, free of risk and obligation. We look forward to hearing from you. But most of all, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


The Performance Tailor

We develop and realise tailor-made, custom campaign solutions for every industry and target group.

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How about seeing some of our best tailor-made use cases for yourself? Call or send an email to arrange an appointment for a personal presentation. We look forward to hearing from you!